Piano tuner in Ontario Canada
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Barb Hall Piano Technician Ajax ON L1S 905-427-7631
Chris Andrew Piano Tuner Technician Ajax ON L1S 905-391-4125
Hiddink Joseph 147 Burcher Rd Ajax ON L1S2R6 905-683-5510
Hiddink Joseph Tuning 147 Burcher Rd Ajax ON L1S2R6 905-683-5510
Pianomasters Service Ajax ON L1S 905-427-7329
The Piano Guy Alliston ON L9R 705-434-0377
Jk Pianotech Ancaster ON L0R 905-304-4744
Grandt Piano Supply Co 101 McClellan Way Aurora ON L4G6M4 905-726-1969
Mark Larin Professional Piano Tuning & Avonmore ON K0C 613-346-2421
Alliance Piano Service 185 Hurst Dr Barrie ON L4N8P6 705-730-6921
Bill Carter the Piano Shop Barrie ON L4M 705-722-4455
George Donovan 116 Brown St Barrie ON L4N7V7 705-725-0077
Mathieson Piano Service Barrie ON L4M 705-722-6143
Rob Johnston 8 Chestnut Crt Barrie ON L4M6K8 705-730-2809
Rob Johnston Piano Tuning & Repair 8 Chestnut Crt Barrie ON L4M6K8 705-730-2809
Huckle D M 54 Southview Ave Belleville ON K8N2J5 613-968-4276
Welsh Piano Services 112 Duke St Bowmanville ON L1C2W2 905-697-0204
Yates John H Piano Tuner 2 Edgerton Dr Bowmanville ON L1C4S6 905-697-1336
Avis G H & Son 15 Wellington St W Brampton ON L6Y1K3 905-453-6402
O'brien Robert Piano Services 41 Clarence St Brampton ON L6W1S2 905-454-3203
Robert Mayer Tuner & Technician Brampton ON L6Y 905-457-7093
Sloski David Piano Technician 25 Royce Ave Brampton ON L6Y1J6 905-459-8133
Kevin Williams Piano Tuner Technicia Brantford ON N3T 519-758-8764
Piano Showcase 2189 Lancaster Cres Burlington ON L7P3G4 905-315-7184
Wilson Piano Studio 1298 94 Highway Callander ON P0H 705-752-3417
Danny McAfee's Piano Service Cambridge ON N1R 519-624-8726
Danny McAfee's Piano Service 228 The Greenway Cambridge ON N1R6M1 519-624-8726
David Briant Cambridge ON N1R 519-716-6236
Mbi Communications Ltd Cambridge ON N1R 519-716-6236
Piano Tune Canada Inc Cambridge ON N1R 519-650-9088
Kirschner Jack Carp ON K0A 613-839-1921
Kivell Vaughn Piano Technician Chatham ON N7M 519-351-4644
Lepatourel's Piano Care Chatham ON N7M 519-354-7412
Neville's Piano Tuning Clinton ON N0M 519-482-1103
Doddridge Piano Tuning RR 1 Cobden ON K0J1K0 613-646-2328
Ellis Ken Piano Parlour 22 Church E Colborne ON K0K1S0 905-355-2051
Melody Movers Copper Cliff ON P0M 705-673-4737
Foard G W Piano Tuner 26 Church Elora ON N0B1S0 519-846-5877
Piano Guy Fort Erie ON L0S 905-994-9232
Colin Mack Piano Tuning & Repair 745 Cres Stiles Gloucester ON K1J6Y9 613-747-2923
Jenkins Musical Instruments 1342 Journey End S Gooderham ON K0M 705-447-3109
Thomson Lawrie Piano Technician Grimsby ON L3M 905-536-0565
Chris Wilson Ba Bmus 128 Dufferin St Guelph ON N1H4A8 519-822-4498
David Briant Guelph ON N1H 519-837-1419
Finlayson John Piano Tuning 221 Bristol St Guelph ON N1H3M3 519-821-2574
Good Larry Guelph ON N1H 519-837-8969
Mbi Communications Ltd 218 17A Silvercreek Pky Guelph ON N1H 519-837-1419
Mbi Communications Ltd Suite 15817A 218 Silvercreek Guelph ON N1H8E8 519-837-1419
Wilson Music 128 Dufferin St Guelph ON N1H4A8 519-822-4498
Music Stand Hamilton ON L8P 905-667-5780
Music Stand 14 Hester St Hamilton ON L9A2N2 905-667-5780
Rawlin Piano Services 800 Upper Paradise Hamilton ON L9C7K9 905-389-0936
Piano Man The 281351 Normanby Bentinck Tline Hanover ON N4N 519-364-7011
Apollo Piano 1112 Geddes Hawkesville ON N0B1X0 519-699-6274
Huntsville Piano Works 4 Morris Ave Huntsville ON P1H1G6 705-789-6528
Lan Green Pianos Huntsville ON P1H 705-789-8226
Bruce's Piano Tuning RR 1 Jarvis ON N0A1J0 905-768-3535
A Classic Sound Piano Tuning & Repair Kanata ON K2V 613-836-3604
Doddridge Piano Services Kanata ON K2V 613-599-1946
Gilmer's Piano Shop 955 County Rd Kemptville ON K0G 613-258-2624
Peter Moseley Piano Tuning and Repair 276 Shorecrest Rd Keswick ON L4P1H8 905-476-3956
Koktan Paul F Rpt 1091 Pinewood Pl Kingston ON K7P1K9 613-389-3680
Stinchcombe Piano Tuning Kingston ON K7L 613-583-7826
Bossenberry Piano Tuning 31 Siebert Ave Kitchener ON N2C2A5 519-743-9186
Good Larry Kitchener ON N2H 519-581-1462
Horne William Tuning Repairs & Rebuilt Kitchener ON N2H 519-573-7487
Neville's Piano Tuning Kitchener ON N2H 519-588-5996
The Piano Tuner Kitchener ON N2H 519-880-9351
Ash Richard 29 David St London ON N6P1B7 519-652-9062
Selves Brad London ON N6B 519-318-2996
Simmons George Piano Tuning Mississauga ON L5B 905-272-2084
Pulsifer Bruce 225 Arris Mitchell ON N0K1N0 519-348-9223
Nickelodeon RR 4 Mount Forest ON N0G2L0 519-323-3582
Bill Gerow Piano Service 58 Priam Way Nepean ON K2H8S8 613-829-4666
Capital Piano Services 12 Coach House Gate Nepean ON K2E7N2 613-727-8420
David Anderson R P T 13 Argue Dr Nepean ON K2E6S2 613-228-7618
Strike Point Piano Services 42 Halley St Nepean ON K2J3W3 613-795-0003
Bob Penney Piano Tuning & Repairs 39 Newbury Dr Newmarket ON L3Y4P9 905-853-4996
Adam Makk Piano Service Niagara Falls ON L2E 905-354-9888
Musical Services North Bay ON P1B 705-498-3433
Merriam Music 2381 Bristol Cir Oakville ON L6H5S9 905-829-4998
Gillespie Piano Service Orillia ON L3V 705-327-0721
Piano Works Orleans ON K1C 613-824-7653
Kowalchuk John 637 Crerar Ave Oshawa ON L1H2W7 905-728-5764
Mitchell's Piano Tuning & Music 294 Lorindale Dr Oshawa ON L1H6X4 905-728-6907
A Classic Sound Piano Tuning & Repair 1537 Prince of Wales Dr Ottawa ON K2C1N9 613-799-2700
A Classic Sound Piano Tuning & Repair 1363 Henry Farm Dr Ottawa ON K2C2E5 613-799-2700
Alan Whatmough 381 Main St Ottawa ON K1S1E2 613-238-2520
Brian Browne Ottawa ON K1N 613-282-3866
Brierley Pianos 74 Rothbury Cres Ottawa ON K1K4N7 613-746-2951
Grikit M Piano Tuner Ottawa ON K1N 613-799-2700
Henderson Lorraine Rpt Ottawa ON K1N 613-866-8349
John Macdonald Piano Tuning Ottawa ON K1N 613-791-7426
Kimbal Bird Pianos Ottawa ON K1N 613-230-9561
Mr Tuner Ottawa ON K1N 613-355-6157
Mr Tuner Greater Ottawa ON K1N 613-355-6157
Neusy Pierre 276 Somerset St E Ottawa ON K1N6V8 613-233-6750
Mr Piano Owen Sound ON N4K 519-371-6453
A Concert Piano Tuning 391 Highland Rd Peterborough ON K9H5J6 705-748-5408
Wilkinson's Piano Tuning & Repair RR 3 Picton ON K0K2T0 613-476-9141
White Cecil C Piano Tuning 5 Arthur St Port Hope ON L1A1Z3 905-885-2070
Helbling Piano Workshop 1001 F G Line Richards Landing ON P0R 705-246-0346
Duplantis Paul Piano Tuner Richmond ON K0A 613-838-2878
Central North Piano Services Richmond Hill ON L4C 416-988-9001
Grand Piano & Organ House Inc 181 King Rd Richmond Hill ON L4E2W1 905-773-0087
Young Terry R Piano Tuner 67 O Connor Cres Richmond Hill ON L4C7P8 905-737-3070
Schinkel Doug Piano Tuning and Repa 155 Riverwalk Pl Rockwood ON N0B2K0 519-856-9044
Academy of Music Sarnia ON N7T 519-383-2570
Barney Keith Rpt Sarnia ON N7T 519-541-5000
Cedolia Piano Service 17 Lorna Dr Sault Ste Marie ON P6A6H4 705-254-5604
Gilchrist Piano Service 764 Welland St Catharines ON L2R 905-892-3332
Hank Makkreel St Catharines ON L2R 905-680-0449
Hank Makkreel St Catharines ON L2R 905-687-0554
Piano Man The St Catharines ON L2R 905-641-2511
The Piano Man Pony Express Mo 20 Shickluna St St Catharines ON L2S1L4 905-641-2511
Music Stand 180 8 Hwy Stoney Creek ON L8G1C3 905-667-5780
Charlie McEvoy Piano Tuning Stratford ON N5A 519-275-2669
Dip 'n Strip Sudbury ON P3E 705-560-6755
Furniture Doctor 183 Silpaa St Sudbury ON P3B3E5 705-560-6755
Paquette Yves Piano 80 Barry St Sudbury ON P3B4J6 705-566-6280
Yves Paquette Piano Service Sudbury ON P3E 705-566-6280
Westdyk W J Piano Tuning & Repair RR 1 Thomasburg ON K0K3H0 613-478-1793
Aster's Music House 85 Cameron Glen Thornhill ON L3T 905-707-1200
Howarth G M Piano Tuner 60 Inverlochy Blvd Thornhill ON L3T4T7 905-881-7950
Remenyi Steinway Service 1455 16th Ave Thornhill ON L3R 905-881-3400
Lee's Piano Tuning & Appraisals 421 Boulter Rd Thunder Bay ON L0S 807-622-4783
Williams Piano Tuning & Repair Thunder Bay ON L0S 807-627-0959
Dan Carrick Piano Service Tilbury ON N0P 519-360-0430
A A A Piano Service Inc 3864 Chesswood Dr Toronto ON M3J2W6 416-638-0241
A A A Piano Service Inc Toronto ON M5G 416-638-6900
A Gintsburg's Rapid Piano Service Toronto ON M5G 416-824-6209
A Sharp School of Music 1500 Royal York Toronto ON M9P3B5 416-614-7529
A Sharp School of Music 1500 Royal York Rd Toronto ON M9P3B5 416-614-7529
Action Piano Service 31 Dolphin Dr Toronto ON M1L1N5 416-752-5177
Anne Francis Piano Tuner Technician Toronto ON M5G 416-461-6901
Ar Carson 45 Lothian Ave Toronto ON M8Z4K2 416-259-8863
Benny Chan Piano Sales & Service Ltd 2 Peppermill Pl Toronto ON M1V2B8 416-293-4325
Beth Deyoe Piano Technician Toronto ON M5G 416-997-6131
Classic Piano Centre 358 Supertest Rd Toronto ON M3J2M2 416-667-0000
Concert Pitch Piano Services 545 Sherbourne Toronto ON M4X1W6 416-537-3636
D & D Piano Tuning & Repair Service Toronto ON M5G 416-515-7325
G C Piano Co 126 Sinnott Toronto ON M1L4N2 416-755-7109
Gerber's Pianoworks Toronto ON M5G 416-821-7084
Janson Piano Co 2 Dartnell Ave Toronto ON M5R3A4 416-536-4114
John Lillico Rpt Toronto ON M5G 416-410-8863
Lillico's World of Pianos Toronto ON M5G 416-410-8863
Littlejohns Max Toronto ON M5G 416-964-8479
Manchen G Toronto ON M5G 416-616-3647
Michael Walmsley Toronto ON M5G 416-357-0462
Mr Per Brendstrup Concert Tuner & 175 Greyabbey Trail Toronto ON M1E1W2 416-282-6066
Paddon Piano Services 159 Dupont St Toronto ON M5R1V5 416-964-7261
Piano & Keyboard Centre 70 East Dr Toronto ON M6N2N9 416-616-3647
Piano & Player Piano Service 85 Purpledusk Trail Toronto ON M1E4C6 416-282-0231
Piano Professor 134 Spadina Rd Toronto ON M5R2T8 416-964-8479
Piano Showcase 353 Burnhamthorpe Rd Toronto ON M9B2A5 416-620-4315
Remenyi Steinway Service 210 Bloor St W Toronto ON M5S1T8 416-961-3111
Robertson Dale 110 The Espl Toronto ON M5G 416-364-9498
Roy Music Ctr Piano Sales & Tuning 1118 Centre Toronto ON M5G 416-737-2044
Hellsten Piano Tuning PO Box 55 Vermilion Bay ON P0V2V0 807-227-2059
Hellsten Piano Tuning Vermilion Bay ON P0X 807-227-2059
Hellsten Piano Tuning 17 Landfill Vermilion Bay ON P0X 807-227-2059
B Sharp Piano Tuning & Repair 54090 Wellandport Wainfleet ON L0R2J0 905-899-1671
Pare Marc Waterloo ON N2J 519-744-9396
Action Piano Services Wendover ON K0A 613-673-2274
Smit Robert Keyboard Services 111 Harkness Dr Whitby ON L1R2G1 905-720-0493
Van Der Werf A M Ltd RR 2 Yarker ON K0K3N0 613-377-6710
Vanderwerf A M Piano Technician RR 2 Yarker ON K0K3N0 613-377-6710